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This product bundle includes all parts required to upgrade a Fisher Delta 3D printer to use a heated print surface. Unleash your Fisher’s potential with this heatbed upgrade kit, allowing you to print in a far broader range of materials, including ABS, PETG, HIPS and many more.

The heatbed kit is designed to simply replace the standard print bed with no disassembly of the machine required, and retaining the auto compensation functionality of the original design. With 120W available, the print surface temperature may be raised to 110C, allowing printing with materials such as ABS with a nozzle temperature of 250C.

The Fisher heatbed upgrade includes:

Fisher heatbed kit

19v 6.32A (120W) power supply

Please note:

The heatbed will draw a significant amount of power to reach printing temperatures. Use of a power supply rated for at least 120W at 19v is therefore necessary.

All parts are provided as a kit for assembly.

You will need a print surface. We recommend either Kapton tape or Buildtak.


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