Motor loom

Wiring loom for stepper motor. Four wires, terminated with Molex servo style connector at one end, and standard JST stepper motor connector at the other end. Please select desired length form the drop down menu.  

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MXL drive belt

Black rubber, fibreglass reinforced, 1/4 ” (6.25mm) wide MXL drive belt. Works with MXL pulleys. Priced per metre.

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MXL Pulley

Aluminium drive pulley. 18 teeth. MXL tooth profile, 2.032mm pitch, to fit MXL belt which you can get from here. The pulleys are supplied with an M3 grub screw.

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NEMA17 stepper motor

NEMA 17 stepper motor, fits Fisher 3D printer. Also suitable for Ormerod and Mendel sized 3D printers and geared extruder drives. Frame size: 42mm Length: 34mm Shaft diameter: 5mm

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One piece nozzle

One piece stainless steel nozzle to fit RepRapPro Ormerod, Huxley or Mendel hot end. The nozzle comes with a short length of PTFE liner. This is pre-fitted before shipping. Please select 0.3mm or 0.5mm nozzle size from the drop down.

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Pneumatic fitting

Pneumatic fitting for Fisher Delta bowden (filament feed) tube. Inner diameter 4.2mm to suit 4mm diameter PTFE bowden tube. M6 thread to fit hot end heatsink and printed extruder drive block.

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Proximity sensor

The modulated proximity sensor and loom consists of an infra-red emitter and detector and the four wire loom to connect it to the controller PCB. The proximity sensor is attached to the X carriage and it works by bouncing infra-red light off … Read More

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PTFE bowden tube

PTFE bowden tube 4mm OD x 450mm length for use with RepRapPro 3D printers. This is the tube which leads from the extruder drive to the hot end along which the filament is fed.

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Quick-set cooling block

Aluminium heatsink cooling block for use in a RepRapPro Quick-set hot end. Suitable for use with Huxley Duo, Mendel 3, the Dual Colour Upgrade kits kits and Ormerod 2 kits. Nozzle changes with the Quick-set cooling block are easy – simply … Read More

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Quick-set heater block

Heater block for Fisher hot end. The Quick-set heater block is also used in RepRapPro Quick-set hot ends as used in Huxley Duo, Mendel 3 and the Dual Colour Upgrade kits and Ormerod 2 kits shipped from June 2015.

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Quickset nozzle

The Quick-set Nozzle is designed to be used in Quick-set hot ends, as used in Huxley Duo, Mendel 3, the Dual Colour Upgrade kits and Ormerod 2 kits shipped from June 2015. The nozzle is made from stainless steel and there … Read More

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