Duet commissioning

Duet commissioning There are a number pieces of software used by the RepRap Duet-based printers: Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) – used for device drivers, and basic communication (see note and links for downloading later in instructions), The RepRap firmware … Read More

Firmware and configuration

Firmware and configuration Installation – Flashing the Firmware Your Duet will have been supplied with a copy of the RepRap Firmware installed. But upgrades and enhancements will be made available regularly, and you will want to upload or flash these … Read More


First Print The microSD image contains a sample print: Robot.g which makes for a fun first print. Here is a suggested workflow from powering on the Fisher 3D printer. Click on heater 1 to heat up the nozzle (or send … Read More


Power on checks Before applying 19v to the machine, confirm there is no short in the dc power circuit by measuring the resistance between the screws of the power input screw terminal. There should be very high resistance, or infinite … Read More

Bed, top plate and belts

Bed assembly You will need the following parts: # Component Qty Type 1287 Bed 1 Lasercut 1137 M3x8mm button head screw 3 Hardware 1298 Bed Spacer 3 Extruder 1262 Buildtak Dia 165mm 1 Hardware Remove the protective film from the … Read More


Side panel wiring You will need the following parts: # Component Qty Type 1303 Side Panel 1 Laser cut 242 M3x16mm cap head screw 6 Fastener 185 Microswitch 2 Electronics 133 Cable ties 2mm as needed Electronics 585 Hot end … Read More

Hot end assembly

Goal By the end of this section, you will have built the hot end, assembled it with the effector, and installed it in the printer frame. Assemble the hot end components   The hot end melts the filament, and extrudes … Read More

Extruder drive

Goal By the end of this section, you will have assembled the extruder drive. Previous Version For kits packed prior to 14th April 2017, please download the PDF here: eMAKER-Extruder drive – 20170413.   Extruder assembly   The extruder pushes the … Read More

Effector assembly

Goal By the end of this section, you will have built the effector. Effector The effector carries the hot end, and is moved in three dimensions by the movement of the carriages on the towers. You will need the following … Read More

Panels and rods

Goal By the end of this section you will have fitted the side panels and connecting rods. (pic needed) Side panels The side panels support the structure of the printer, and keep it square and stable. You will need the … Read More

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