Side panel wiring

You will need the following parts:

# Component Qty Type
1303 Side Panel 1 Laser cut
242 M3x16mm cap head screw 6 Fastener
185 Microswitch 2 Electronics
133 Cable ties 2mm as needed Electronics
585 Hot end loom – 1190mm 1 Wiring
1198 End stop loom – 500mm 1 Wiring
552.1 End stop loom – 600mm 1 Wiring
1199 End stop loom – 800mm 1 Wiring
789 Motor wiring loom – 500mm Wiring
Remove the protective film from the acrylic panel. RRP-FISH1-115
The microswitches fit to the inside of the panel. Note the orientation of the bottom of the panel; this fits around the Duet electronics. RRP-FISH1-116
Fit the microswitches with cable ties, as you did with the first microswitch. Make sure the cable tie end is towards the top of the panel. RRP-FISH1-117
The endstop looms have two wire, and there are three different lengths. RRP-FISH1-118
The hot end loom has eight wires. RRP-FISH1-119
The extruder motor wire has four wires. RRP-FISH1-120
Mount the shortest endstop loom, the hot end loom and the extruder motor loom on the left side. The other two endstop looms go on the right. RRP-FISH1-121
Left side: Attach the endstop loom to the microswitch on the left hand side. Put the crimps on the outside tabs of the microswitch, NOT the middle one. Polarity is not important. Try not to bend the crimps on the microswitch tabs, or they will become loose. RRP-FISH1-123
Fasten the endstop loom in the top cable tie, the endstop and the extruder loom in the next one down, and all three looms in the rest of the cable ties. Don’t fully tighten the cable ties yet, so you can adjust the wire position. RRP-FISH1-122
Right side: connect the shorter endstop loom to the microswitch. RRP-FISH1-125
Cable tie both wires in all of the positions. RRP-FISH1-124
Attach the extuder to the panel, with two M3x12mm cap head screws, from the outside. Connect the extruder motor loom to the extruder motor.

Fit the panel and connect

As with the other panels, lift the printer up off the surface, and fit the top of the panel onto the screws in the idler printed part.
Line up the bottom with the holes in the motor mounts, and fasten with four M3x16mm cap head screws. Make sure the wiring looms fit into the slots in the base plate. RRP-FISH1-128
Connect the Bowden tube to the extruder. Simply push the bowden tube into the pneumatic fitting.
Connect the third microswitch in the same way as the other two, and cable tie it to the panel.
Connect the hot end loom to the hot end. We find it useful to cable tie the loom loosely to the Bowden tube, above and below the connector. RRP-FISH1-132
Now adjust the cable lengths until everything is neat. The hot end loom and Bowden tube should move together. Try and get a nice loop, so they concertina up as the effector moves up. RRP-FISH1-133
Tighten and trim all of the cable ties. Move the carriages up and down their full range of movement, making sure they don’t catch on anything. Check that the heads of the cable ties don’t get in the way, and that the wiring looms are neat against the side panels. Adjust any cables as needed, and make sure the hot end loom and Bowden tube don’t catch on anything. RRP-FISH1-134

Bed probe wiring

You will need the following parts:

# Component Qty Type
1203 Bed probe loom 1 Wiring
1202 Bed probe wire 2 Wiring
M3x12mm cap head screw 6 Fastener
212 M3 washer 6 Fastener
1253 M3x8mm spacer 6 Hardware
Fit the bed probe loom 3-way connector to the E-stop header on the Duet. Push the wires through the slots in the base, as shown. The long wire can go under the Duet, if you prefer. RRP-FISH1-141
Attach the ring terminals of the bed probe loom and bed probe wires to the bed mounting brackets. For each connection, the order is M3x12mm cap head screw, ring terminal of loom, bed mounting bracket, M3 washer, round spacer. RRP-FISH1-142
View from the front of the bed mounting bracket. RRP-FISH1-143
Repeat the above steps for all six connections. The circuit goes around the circle. The balls on the print surface will complete the circuit (see later). When the nozzle pushes down on the bed, the circuit is broken. This calibrates the nozzle height. RRP-FISH1-144

Fit the power jack

You will need the following parts:

# Component Qty Type
193 Power jack 1 Electronics
455 Power jack nut 1 Electronics
Turn the printer over. It can rest on it’s top as you connect the wiring. The DC power jack may now be fitted as shown, next to the ethernet socket. RRP-FISH1-139

Duet connections

Wiring diagram

The instructions below show the fitting of the wiring. If in doubt, refer to this wiring diagram.


Duet wiring connections

Connect the wiring looms to the Duet, as shown in the pictures below (click on any picture for a larger version). Also refer to the wiring diagram, above. You will need the following parts:

# Component Qty Type
1201 DC cable – 250mm 1 Wiring
477 Motor loom – 160mm 1 Wiring
478 Motor loom – 90mm 2 Wiring
FAN0 – NO CONNECTION! Do not connect anything to the first two pins on the left. They are not used on the Fisher. RRP-FISH1-146
E0_TEMP – Hot end thermistor (green/blue, 2-way) RRP-FISH1-147
E0_HEATER – Hot end heater (black/purple/red/brown, 4-way) RRP-FISH1-148
– Hot end fan (yellow/none/white, 3-way)
NOTE: this connects to the double row of pins, NOT to ‘FAN0’. From the left, there should be two clear pins, then the yellow wire, another pin (covered by the housing, but not connected), then the white wire.
E0_MOT/STOP – (on first three pins) Bed probe (red/blank/red, 3-way). This was already fitted in the bed probe wiring step. RRP-FISH1-149
E0_MOT/STOP – (on the other four pins) Extruder drive motor (yellow/green/blue/red, 4-way) RRP-FISH1-150
X_MOT/STOP – X endstop (blue, space, red, 3-way) This is the SHORTEST endstop loom. RRP-FISH1-151
X_MOT/STOP – (on the other four pins) X motor (black/green/blue/red, 4-way)
Now connect the X motor to the Duet, using a 90mm motor loom. This is the motor closest to the motor connection pins on the Duet. Check that the endstop at the top of this tower is the one connected next to the X motor.
Y_MOT/STOP – Y endstop (blue, space, red, 3-way) This is the LONGEST endstop loom. RRP-FISH1-153
Y_MOT/STOP – (on the other four pins) Y motor (black/green/blue/red, 4-way)
Next the Y motor, using a 90mm motor loom. This is the motor nearest the large screw terminals on the end of the Duet board. Check that the endstop at the top of this tower is the one connected next to the Y motor.
Z_MOT/STOP – Z endstop (blue, space, red, 3-way) This is the MEDIUM length endstop loom. RRP-FISH1-155
Z_MOT/STOP – (on the other four pins) Z motor (black/green/blue/red, 4-way)
Now the Z motor, using the 160mm motor loom. This is the motor nearest the ethernet socket on the Duet. Check that the endstop at the top of this tower is the one connected next to the Z motor.
All the wiring connections fitted. RRP-FISH1-156
This picture shows the motor connections, and orientation. If you have put the motor on the wrong way around, you can turn the motor around, to make the motor wiring easier. Unscrew the four motor screws, and turn the motor around, then retighten the screws. RRP-FISH1-158
Finally, connect the DC power cable. One of the cores has a black stripe running along it’s length. Connect this to the negative terminal (on the left hand side as viewed in the photograph). RRP-FISH1-159
Connect the DC power cable to the tabs on the back of the jack. RRP-FISH1-160
Ground is the centre of the three tabs (the wire with the black stripe should connect to this), and positive is the tab that connects to the centre pin. Fit them with the ‘curly’ part of the crimp outwards. HUX2-electronics-25
With all the wiring fitted, tidy up the wiring so that it all fits below the level of the acrylic side panels. You can use a couple of cable ties to help. RRP-FISH1-161


You will need the following parts:

# Component Qty Type
Fisher 1 Part-assembled
285 PCB Jumper 1 Electronics
Fit the jumper onto the 5V_EN (JP9) header pins (location highlighted in the picture). This uses the on-board 5V regulator to supply power to the main processor of the Duet, when 19V power is connected. RRP-FISH1-163
A close up of the jumper position. RRP-FISH1-164


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